We wanted to show that the travel and lodging sector doesn’t need to be an industry of excess. That it is possible to enjoy the beauty of nature in luxury and be environmentally responsible.

We followed some basic green building techniques…


Shrink your carbon footprint. We were able to do this in a few ways. First, we shrunk our physical footprint. We built the smallest structure size that would allow us the function we wanted – sleeping 4 people comfortably with a fully functional kitchen and bathroom. By staying as small as possible it minimized the space we would need to heat, cool, and maintain.


We made sure to over-insulate our exterior envelope and created thermal bridging by wrapping the entire structure in 1” of rigid foam board before adding siding.  Our double-wall treehouse design saves energy and keeps you comfortable year-round.


Produce our own electricity. With solar panel technology advancing so rapidly while prices decrease and tax credit incentives increase-solar energy has never been so within reach. After installing our 150 solar panels our five-cabin development is completely carbon neutral.


Reduce our power usage. We focused on low-energy appliances, using LED fixtures only, and choosing a 400% efficient heat pump for heat and hot water production to reduce electricity usage. Our hot tubs are designed for the cold climate and built with the most insulation posible to prevent heat loss. 


We’ve taken our efforts to the next level by focusing on conservation at our property. We’ve restricted development on our land to just 3% of our acreage. This means that 97% of our land has been kept wild. This provides ample habitat for a wide range of wildlife that enriches our ecosystem and our lives. Further, being tree houses, off the ground, or hobbit homes built into the ground, our getaways do not impede the normal movement and ranging of wildlife as conventional structures do.  This is at the heart of what we mean when we say “eco friendly vacation.”

Even the 3% of our property that has been developed has been considered carefully. All the trees that had to be harvested from that land have been allocated for use locally on the property. Several architectural features of our tree houses have been built with this locally harvested wood. All of this is in our effort for minimizing the carbon footprint and maximizing the ecological efficiency of our building process. We’ve also prioritized the most sustainable options whenever possible. Every appliance in our getaways is electric, and that electricity is sustainably produced with solar panels. All our fixtures and appliances are energy efficient as well, saving clean, green electricity from our solar panels for other uses.


In industries, it’s common to think of product life cycles as “cradle-to-grave” in describing their journey from production all the way to being ultimately discarded. At Purposely Lost, we follow a design philosophy called “cradle-to-cradle” that focuses on the idea that even at the end of their first useful life, products and materials can have additional useful life cycles. This is why so much of our various buildings are built from recycled and reclaimed materials. By building with materials that were destined for the discard pile, we further reduce the carbon footprint and the new resources used in creating our incredible getaways. We are committed to holistic and complete green thinking about our business and our world. We want to invite you to be a part of our eco friendly vacation revolution! .

What our guests are saying…

Marybeth S.

We had a wonderful stay at Purposely Lost!  We stayed two nights at the new Fern Hollow Hobbit House.  The house itself is beautiful and so cozy.  The outdoor space is absolutely perfect!  We loved the large front patio with the firepit and private hot tub. Overlooking the woods and lake was stunning!  The location is great, close enough to town that you can just pop to the store and back, but far enough out that it feels extremely secluded and private.  You can see two of the treehouses from the Hobbit House, but there's plenty of space and trees in between to not hinder your privacy at all.  We had the best weekend getaway and cannot wait to come back again!  Highly recommend!

Jason M.

My family and I (2 adults and 2 kids) stayed 2 nights in the Canopy Treehouse last month and had a lovely time. The property was in a great location, but hidden just outside. You felt like you were in your own little world. We had tons to do between the treehouse, the hot tub and the pond.
Everything was clean and well maintained. And, I have an eye on that hobbit hole in the future. Thoughtful amenities


Debbie P.

I stayed for 3 days and nights in the Canopy Treehouse. It was awesome! It was very clean and had all the amenities you would need. It was very private, no one around. Great place for relaxation. The pond was gorgeous. I went solo and felt very safe. Management was a phone call away if needed and very responsive. Must go there to experience it. It was a 2 bedroom treehouse but had plenty of space. Did not feel cramped at all. I highly recommend this tree house.  I plan on returning in the future.